Russia confirms reactor plans to 2030

The Russian government has issued an order to update 2013 plans for new electric generating capacity in its Unified Energy System, taking it to 2030 on a firmer basis than previously. It covers all technologies, and lists 11 nuclear plants beyond those under construction or imminently so. Most of them were already planned in that time frame. As well as seven of the advanced VVER-TOI reactors at four sites, two BN-1200 fast reactors at two sites and one VVER-600 at the northern Kola site near Murmansk were listed. Another was the most advanced technology: a BREST-300 fast reactor at Seversk, already a high priority in the country’s Proryv (breakthrough) program to use fast reactors in closing the fuel cycle. All the reactors listed are newer designs than any currently under construction. The 1250 MWe VVER-TOI design has evolved from the type recently grid-connected at Novovoronezh, and represents an endorsement of the Moscow Atomenergoproekt design bureau over Saint Petersburg, with more passive safety incorporated.

WNN 10/8/16.
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