Commercially these future NPPs will begin operating in the 2030s – ROSATOM.

The General Director of ROSATOM Sergey Kirienko stated that the commercial operation of fast neutron reactors, which are expected to significantly advance nuclear power development, will begin in the 2030s.

Fast neutron reactors are needed for closing the nuclear fuel cycle (NFC). In a closed NFC the nuclear fuel resource base is significantly increased due to fuel breeding in fast reactors. In addition the technology also allows reducing the amount of generated radioactive waste due to «burning» of dangerous radionuclides.
Experts have noted that Russia is a world leader in fast reactor technology development.

During the ATOMEXPO 2016 plenary session Mr. Kirienko said: «In the next 15 years the core commercial product of the nuclear power industry will be thermal reactors (thermal neutron reactors, used almost universally for NPP around the world — Ed.). Sometime after 2030 new nuclear build will usher in a new era for nuclear power»

According to Mr. Kirienko a «symbiosis» will be established where thermal and fast reactors complement one another in a two-component nuclear power system. He noted that, generally, for every four thermal reactors there will be one fast neutron reactor.