BREST-OD-300 reactor facility – heart of Proryv

инфографика проект прорыв реактор брест-од-300

– BREST is destined to close the nuclear fuel cycle and solve the radioactive waste problem.
– BREST is capable of reusing the nuclear materials contained in spent nuclear fuel.
– Development of an NPP with the BREST reactor is carried under the Federal Target Program “Nuclear power technologies of a new generation for 2010 – 2015 and for the future till 2020”.
– BREST will use radiation-resistant lead coolant boiling at 1750°С, chemically passive at contact to water and air, which will rule out fires, chemical and thermal explosions.
– After several first years of operation, BREST will use its own recycled nuclear materials for fuel fabrication.
– In November 2015, the technical part of the NPP design with BREST-OD-300 reactor received a favourable opinion of the RF State Expert Evaluation Department (Glavgosexpertiza).
– BREST is planned to be commissioned in Tomsk Region at the site of the Siberian Chemical Сombine (SKhK) in 2022.
– BREST is capable of generating more than 2.1 billion kWh per year, while electricity consumption for own needs is only 6.5%.
– BREST is resistant to an 8 point earthquake, 30 kPa air shock wave and crash of a 5.7 ton airplane.
– Reactor and fuel in the BREST Project are intended to be so safe that they will not require a large number of safety systems, which will result in simplification of the facility and NPP cost reduction.

Source: Вестник атомпрома №10 2015