Side-event IAEA 2022


IAEA 66th GC Side-event «Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle — The Way to a Circular Economy» September 28th, Vienna, Austria (organized by the Russian Federation).

Closing the nuclear fuel cycle has long been considered as a way to ensure an essentially unlimited nuclear fuel resources, through fuel breeding in fast reactors.

The purpose of the event was to show that nuclear power is not only carbon free but also has features of renewables in that nuclear fuel could be reused.

During the event, the following reports were presented, which you can find at the link below:
Nuclear energy with CNFC – the transition to circular and green energy
V. Pershukov (“Proryv” Project)

Development of Fast Reactor and Related Fuel Cycle in China
H. Yang (China Institute of Atomic Energy)

IAEA International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles FR22
V. Kriventsev (IAEA)

Training of new generation specialists in the field of fast reactors and related fuel cycle
G. Tikhomirov (MEPhI)

New INPRO Collaborative Project “STEP FORWARD (ASENES Pilot Study on Potential of Innovative Nuclear Installations to Support Multi-recycling of Fuel in a Nuclear Energy System)”
A. Bychkov (IAEA)

​Reports download page – link.

Full recording of the event is available at the following – link.