The first class of specialists from the «Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technologies» department graduated from the National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»

The first class of students from the «Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technologies» department (Head of Department V.A. Pershukov) of NRNU «MEPhI» defended their master’s theses within the «Next Generation Nuclear Power Technologies» program on June 21.

The master’s research was completed in the top ROSATOM scientific institutes: IPPE, VNIINM, VNIIHT and the ITCP «PRORYV» private institution. The research findings address relevant scientific and technical issues of project «Proryv». By the decision of the state examination commission all the master’s theses received the «excellent» grade (10 Master’s graduates overall).

The undergraduate training program utilized a unique system of expertise sharing from the industry’s leading scientists, targeted onsite training with direct involvement of students in R&D activities, network-based higher education partnership programs (NRNU «MEPhI» – D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia) and academic mobility. All graduates plan on continuing their scientific work in ROSATOM’s institutions.