Rudolf Aleksakhin

Chief Ecologist of the Proryv Project

He is the Russian Academy of Sciences member, Ukrainian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences member, Doctor of Biological Science, Honored Scientist of Russia. He works as a director of sciences in RIARAE RAAS (Russian Research Institute of Radiology and Ecology).

Rudolf Aleksakhin is known as expert in radioecology and radiation safety. He is one of the founders of Forest Radioecology, which is about transport of radionuclides in forest plantings and the ionizing radiation effects on biogeocenoses.

Rudolf Aleksakhin is an activist and head of works in accident management on «Mayak» (the formation of the Eastern Ural Radioactive Trace, 1957 and at Chernobyl in 1986), and he is the author of recommendations for rehabilitation radioactively contaminated territories. Furthermore, he conducted a set on radioecology nuclear energy researches.

Rudolf Aleksakhin – presidium member of the NTS State Corporation ROSATOM, the ROSATOM Public Council member, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Scientific Commission for Radiation Safety, Deputy Chairman of the Research Board on Radiobiology, member of boards and commissions RAS (the Russian Academy of Sciences) for Radiation Safety and Radiobiology. Vice-President in the International Union of Radioecology. He is an editorial board member of 10 academic journals, the author of about 850 scientific papers (including 20 monographs, some of them are translated into foreign languages). Member of the British Society of Radiologists.

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