Project Team

Vyacheslav Pershukov

Deputy Director General – Chief Innovation Officer at ROSATOM

Viacheslav Pershukov was born in 1958 in Magnitka, Chelyabinsk Region. He graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in…

Evgeny Adamov

Proryv Project Scientific Leader

Научный руководитель проектного направления «Прорыв», научный руководитель АО «НИКИЭТ», доктор технических наук, академик Российской академии инженерных наук (1995 г.). Заслуженный…

Natalya Ilina

Deputy Director for Innovation Management - Head of Control Department over FTP and Innovative Development, ROSATOM

Valeriy Rachkov

Research and Development Chief Scientific Officer of the Proryv Project

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Valeriy Rachkov worked in Moscow at the…

Rudolf Aleksakhin

Chief Ecologist of the Proryv Project

He is the Russian Academy of Sciences member, Ukrainian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences member, Doctor of Biological Science, Honored…

Dmitriy Tolstoukhov

Chief Economist of the Proryv Project

Yuriy Mochalov

Chief Technology Officer of the Proryv Project

Yuriy Mochalov graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. He moved up from engineer at Chief Designer Department to Deputy Director…

Andrey Petrenko

Chief Engineering Officer of the Proryv Project

Technical Committee member of the Proryv Project

Vladimir Shidlovskiy

Technical Committee Deputy Chairman of the Proryv Project

Aleksandr Avdeenkov

Head of the Responsibility center Design Codes

Deputy CEO at Institute of Physics and Power Engineering Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences