07 - 08 июня 2016 г. Екатеринбург

Workshop on the Proryv Project – 2016: «Place and advantages of the project in the global energy system development»

Workshop on the Proryv Project is an annual industry event of the State Corporation ROSATOM taking place since 2014 for the participants and the project partners in order to exchange experiences and information on the key issues of the Proryv Project.

The conference is a tool to create a unified informative and organizational environment, where project participants could listen to the reports about the progress, key scientific and technological issues, implemented R & D, and it can be discussed the problems and perspectives of the project development.
The object of the conference in 2016 – to discuss the potential and competitiveness of the key challenges for the new Russian power technologies in the world energy.

At the conference it will be discussed issues on the development of energy technologies in the horizon to 2030, including questions on economics, as well as the competitive advantages of the Proryv Project in the global energy system development.

The Workshop will bring together the scientific, engineering and technical personnel of the nuclear industry, State Corporation ROSATOM management, Proryv Project management, representatives of government authorities and regulatory bodies, scientific and business experts in the new energy and the economy field, as well as representatives of the project partner companies.

Workshop will be held at the hotel Hyatt Regency, Ekaterinburg.
Organizing Committee: Zhaksimbetova Marjane Maratovna,
mmz@rosatom-cipk.ru, cell 8-916-797-77-17.

Conference proceedings:

Opening of a conference
«Requirements for nuclear power, considering the global trends and challenges».pdf (3,4 Мб)
Evgeny Adamov, Proryv Project Scientific Leader

Energetics and economy. New realities
«The Russian Energy Strategy for the period until 2035».pdf (1,3 Мб)
A. Kulapin, Director of the State Energy Policy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Energy

«The development of power engineering technology in perspective up to 2030».pdf (940 Кб)
S. Solzhenitsyn, Senior Partner at McKinsey&Company

«Foresight in Energy development. Roadmap “EnergyNet”».pdf (3,1 Мб)
D. Halkin, Scientific Director of the working group EnergyNet

The economy of new power engineering technologies. Terms and estimation for 2020 – 2030
«Trends in the development of renewable energy in the world and in Russia».pdf (19,2 Мб)
O. Popel, Chairman of the Scientific Council of RAS on non-traditional renewable energy sources, Deputy Director for scientific development of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS

«The experience of the implementation of wind energy projects in Russia and economic parameters».pdf (3,3 Мб)
L. Vdow, Head of the Wind Monitoring Department of LLC Activiti

The Proryv Project. New parameters of the projects
«Ensuring the competitiveness of nuclear power».pdf (2,7 Мб)
D. Tolstoukhov, Chief Economist of the Proryv Project

«Development of fast-neuron reactors: safety and competitiveness».pdf (2,2 Мб)
A. Dedul, Chief Structural Engineer of the Proryv Project

«The closure of the nuclear fuel cycle – spent fuel storage problem solution and expand the raw material base of nuclear power».pdf (5,2 Мб)
Y. Mochalov, Chief Technology Officer of the Proryv Project

«Solution to the environmental problem of power on fast-neutron reactors with nuclear fuel cycle closure».pdf (915 Кб)
R. Alexakhin, Chief Ecologist of the Proryv Project

The results of the interactive voting.pdf (1,1 Мб)
Источник: Source: Innovation Management of the SC ROSATOM